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MAKE UP FIX. Mega-moisturizing,rich,lightweight and fast-absorbing.Keeps skin plump and soft.Excellent prep for make-up. Releases moisture and emollients onto the skin continually all day. It increases hydration for a silky,smooth appearance and wont dry skin out.

In use of makeup after the end or after apply the foundation,onky need to spray once or repeatdly in the powder,eye shadow and blusher. This helps us to make more lasting foundation,before use or apply the makeup powder. To make it looks more natural absorption and moisture..                                                                                              Hey ladies awes looks beautiful, keeps healthy and stay fresh ladies..

Tips for ur healthy and beauty hair

As usually I like to colour my hair with different colour and style,and I just loved to do it…its help me to express my fashionable look and my style..eventhough to keep me in fashionable look n style I still need to keep it healthy,so here I like to share some tips for u all ladies out there for ur hair…i m using this hair tonic product called “ids a.k.a IDEAS HAIR CARE”,this helps us to nourishes and energizes soloution for thicker hair.Hair tonic activates metabolism and increase oxygen consumption to keep the scalp healthy.Non-oily base also helps to reduce oil creation and prevents oil clogs,which stunts hair growth.For best result,use after Anti hair fall shampoo.I hope this tips can helps everyone especially ladies to keep ur hair look healthy n awesome…

Sadappp kalau ini barang..

Sadapp bah This fluffybuns serously make me burst…its cost just rm1.10 and boleh didapati dimana-mana stesen minyak,7eleven and kkmart…sure if korang da try skali confrm lain kali nk lagi…ada kisah yg brlku jak sbnrnya yang saya nk share pasal ne buns ne..story lawak tapi bila teringt balik rasa sebak and happy..apa tidaknya sebab buns ne lr ble smpi gaduh awal pagi ngan kawan saya sbb saya nk jak buns ne as my breakfast…kekdang kawan I sanggup p cari kedai yg ada jual benda ne biar pn jauh sbb kedai yg dkt ngan area uma tu cepat abis..lambat skit je abis da…kesian kat kawan I tu biarpn dia bising2 tk nk g beli tapi bila da tngk muka saya da muncung nk nangis dia trus ambik kunci keta g beli,i rlly appreciate effort dia tu…pena skli dia snggup tinggl kn I separuh dri buns ne sbb smua kdai da abis stok…i terharu smpi I tk sedAr airmata mengalir time mkn buns ne tapi dia tk tw yg saya btul n sangt hargai smua yg dia buat tuk saya sbb tiap kali dia buat apa yg I nk I tunjuk muka marah n buat muka endah tk endah kdng2 I buat lawak lagi…tapi bila dia gerak g keja I nangis sbb trharu ngan smua yg dia buat tuk saya…nk ceta mmg tk abis lr bnyk sngt kenangan n kisah yg berlaku disebabkn buns ne…time tulis ceta ne pn hati da rasa sebak tw…teringat kat kwn tu…harap dia sihat2 sllu n sllu sukses…take care urself reel..see u when I see u again…biarpn buns ne besa jak tuk org lain tapi bagi I ada sentimntl value tersndiri…thnkz and credit to gardenia..wslm…